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Processing Skills
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Step 5

Applying what we have learned to your child

Here are six questions you should be able to answer before making any significant investment of time, money, or effort.

  1. Does your child have difficulty learning?
  2. Do these difficulties presently, or will they in the future, have a negative impact on any of the following: your child’s self esteem, school advancement, parent-child relationships, vocational opportunities, friendships, attitude, etc?
  3. Does it appear that the major cause is deficient underlying learning skills? (This may require testing to confirm.)
  4. Is it reasonable to assume that if the deficient skills were improved, learning would be faster, easier, and better?
  5. Does working one-on-one with intensity and feedback to achieve large, fast results make sense to you? (Watching our PACE introduction video will allow you to answer this better.)
  6. If the PACE program was provided to your child, what changes would you expect to see?

Although all these questions need an answer, you may not have enough information to fully answer them now. For additional information, take the following step:

One Last Step: Let us help you


Five steps to help you help your child

By following these steps you will have gained some very important information that will dramatically improve you child's ability to do well in school.

  1. Understand the causes of learning difficulties.
  2. Know the skills necessary for fast and efficient learning.
  3. Find out what skills are weak.
  4. Learn what needs to happen to improve learning skills.
  5. Take specific steps that can help your child or student gain the skills needed to become a successful student.
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